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WW2 Fighters

6019 P51D Mustang Old Crow.png
6024 Hurricane.png
6036 BF109.png
6046 P38 Lighting.png
6020 Spitfire MKIX.png
6026 Mustang IV.png
6030 F4U1D Corsair Gray Ghost.png
6037 A6M Zero.png
6047 Hellcat.png
6017 Spitfire Mk 1a.png

Trainers and Scouts

6015 Harvard.png
6033 L4 Grasshopper.png
6025 Texan.png
6028 RAF Harvard.png


6001 BoB.png

Paint, brushes or glue are not included in the kit.

Our models are designed to go together without glue, however for best results

we recommend you use a white glue for assembly and paint your model.   

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