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About Osborn Model Kits
We, at Osborn Model Kits love to play with toys! That’s what sets us apart from the other guys. We 
take an idea that we have and make a model of it and after lots of R&D, this usually leads to us 
making a kit so other people can enjoy building what we have done. We use the latest C&C Laser 
technology in manufacturing and use only top quality wood in our kits. Instructions included are fully 
illustrated step by step. We still feel that a picture is worth a thousand words.

At Osborn Models, we are model builders too and feel that building your model should be a 
pleasurable experience and not a frustration. Every effort is used to keep building as simple as 
possible. As you look through the different products that we have on the site, we know there is 
bound to be something that will catch your interest! Keep an eye on our what’s new section and 
our Facebook page for new products and events we may be attending.

Model Railroad
Osborn Model Kits offers a full line of scenic detail model railroad items in HO and N scale. We 
emphasize on the track side detail items that modelers seem to leave off of their layout; items 
that enhance prototypical accuracy of the diorama. Buildings require a planned space on a layout 
whereas the small detail items are needed to realistically complete the scene. 
  As you look through our website you will realize that there is a variety of products that can be 
added to your layout.

Aviation Models
These unique models are designed to capture the hearts of any aviation enthusiast young or old. 
The completed model makes a great static display to place on your model shelf or desktop at the 
office. The models are robust enough to play with or practice dog fighting with your friends. Models 
maybe painted ( recommended ) , although the natural wood look gives a great appearance! The 
building process uses a sandwich construction method of stacking shaped pieces of wood together 
giving you the basic 3 dimensional shape of the aircraft. The result is a wooden model that looks very 

Modelling accessories  
Osborn Model Kits knows that all modelers benefit from being organized. Need somewhere to work 
on your model, somewhere to put your tools, organize your paints, well we offer a line of products 
that will help you do just that.

Today’s youth is our future. Osborn Model Kits started supporting and mentoring a local FIRST robotics 
team in 2015. The students of the Cybergnomes Team 2013 developed a product to sell as a fundraiser 
in order to help support their team. The result was the TUT or Totally Useless Toy. Science, Technology, 
Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) IS the future and supporting the Cybergnomes in manufacturing 
and promoting the TUT is our contribution.        


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