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The Builders Gallery

Osborn Model Kits wants everyone to see how simple and easy our kits are to build. To showcase this we are reaching out to you - the builders. 

Welcome to The Builder’s Gallery where model builders help model builders. As you build and create your Osborn Model Kits, we want to give you the opportunity to explain the methods and techniques you used, tricks of the trade and creative solutions. Sharing these experiences help other builders incorporate some of these techniques and skills into their project and create a building community.

Osborn Model Kits will feature a Builders Gallery link under each product on our website so that customers and builders can quickly see the finished product, and access the how-to's easily.


  • The submission form allows for one kit per form of any Osborn Model Kits product.

  • The picture of the completed kit must be displayed so that the focus is solely on the product

  • 3 pictures are the maximum allowed submission per form at a lower resolution .jpeg format

  • File name should indicate the stage of build eg: sanding to shape, adding paint, finished kit etc. and kit #

  • Submissions must include a brief description on how kit was built , what tools and techniques were used, and any other information or suggestions that are relevant to the project.

All submissions will be reviewed before posting. All submissions posted are at the discretion of Osborn Model Kits

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Click on the icon for an example

Builders Gallery Submission Form
Upload File
Upload File
Upload File


The Submission Form is required to gather information on the Osborn Model Kits being submitted for The Builders Gallery. The Builder’s name and Province/State will be displayed in the gallery along with the information submitted. Osborn Model Kits  reserves the right to edit or modify any information given regarding the build. Contact information supplied is for contact between Osborn Model Kits and the submitter only and will not be shared or sold.

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