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Kit 1129 Laser Dinghy


Derek Osborn from Ontario, Canada

1129 Laser Dinghy

Tools that I used to build this kit were basic. A hobby knife is required to remove parts from the sheet. Following the instructions I glued together the hull using a white glue that dry's clear (Weldbond) Then I sanded the hull to shape using 120 grit sandpaper. I primed the hull with three coats of an acrylic sealer, sanding lightly between coats with 320 grit. I applied two coats of Testors medium blue. I applied the peel and stick decals to the deck and cockpit. Next I completed the sail, rudder, dagger board and the dolly. I painted the dolly frame aluminum and the tires black. The beauty of this kit is that it can be displayed four different ways making it very easy to place anywhere  on my layout

Sanding to shape.jpg

Sanded to shape and ready for paint

Priming the hull.jpg
Finished kit.jpg

Finished kit

Primed and ready for paint

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