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6037 A6M Zero.png

Featuring markings of Japanese

Naval Ace Saburo Sakai 


Mitsubishi A6M Zero Kit Contents


A6M2 Zero

Scale 1:66 
Kit 6037 
Skill level 2
Wingspan 7.125"
Number of parts 39
Packaging 6"x9" bag


6037 unpainted.jpg

Unpainted Model

6036 Web lable.jpg

Recommended items for assembly
Hobby Knife, Scissors, White glue (suggested), 
120g sandpaper, Masking tape, 
Selection of paint brushes.


Paint, brushes or glue are not included in the kit.

Our models are designed to go together without glue, however for best results

we recommend you use a white glue for assembly and paint your model.   

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