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T-TRAK Module Kits

Designed for use with Kato Track 

In a perfect world all the modules would fit together exactly the same. However, we know that’s not the case. At Osborn Model Kits, we believe we have designed a product that sets the standard for all T-TRAK modules. T-TRAK is one of the fastest growing modular designs in recent years. Our modules are easy to build because of the interlocking construction and can be built up in very little time. The quality Birch plywood is laser cut for an accurate fit. Two unique features with our kits is the method of mounting the suggested Kato track (sold separately) to the surface and a jig to use to accurately position the track on the table. All these things come together to create a module that will be consistent every time. Other manufactures track can be used on this module as well. Using the conventional cork, track and ballast method you can still achieve a stunning result. The supplied jig can still be used to position the track. Keep in mind a portion of the Kato track needs to be used in order to snap the modules together.


12"x14" Straight Table


14.375"x14.375" Curved Table


Expand to the next size

standard size module 


Spacer kit

Spacer Kit
Our  spacer ( sold separately ) allows you to expand to make the next standard size module. The specifically designed 2mm spacer is sandwiched in between two standard modules. Two nuts and bolts are provided in order to bolt the two modules together. The spacer can be used on either type of module. Holes for the nuts and bolts are already engineered in to the design, this eliminating any need to drill holes. The purpose of the spacer is to fill the two millimeter gap that exist from the overhang of the track.   

Level Crossing boards 

OMK level crossing boards allow for a smooth crossing over top of the Kato track

used on the N Scale T Trak module. Kits include a frame that fits perfectly to the track. Crossing boards are then placed into position on top of the frame to create a smooth transition over the tracks.

90 Degree crossing boards


Curved section

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