1:66 Scale

Civilian Aircraft

6010 DHC 2 Beaver.png
6013 Skyhawk.png

DHC-2 Beaver

Cessna 172

6031 J3 Piper Cub.png
6031 J3 Piper Cub.png

Piper J3 Cub

6052 DHC-3 Otter.png

DHC 3 Otter

6056 CL-215.png

Canadair CL-215 Water Bomber

6058 2-33A.png

Schweizer 2-33A Glider

6051 DHC 2 water bomber.png

DHC-2 Beaver

Water Bomber


Norseman MKIV



DHC-3 Turbo Otter

6059 8GCBC Scout.png

Ballanca 8GCBC Scout

Vans RV7

Paint, brushes or glue are not included in the kit.

Our models are designed to go together without glue, however for best results

we recommend you use a white glue for assembly and paint your model.