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Totally Useless Toy

The TUT, or Totally Useless Toy, is a self opening box. It’s sole purpose is to have  someone switch it on and for the box to

have an arm come out and switch it’s self

off. That’s it! But somehow this has intrigued many minds around the world to a point

where people can’t put them down. The Cybergnomes Robotic team 2013 has developed their own version of this toy

as a fundraising project.  


Get yours today for


tut contents.jpg

What's in the kit

Tools required for assembly 
1/8 Slot screwdriver 
#2 Phillips screwdriver
Wire strippers
Soldering iron and solder 
Elastic bands
White glue (Weldbond)
Spritzer bottle of water 

Optional required products
220 grit sandpaper
Stain of your choice

Requires two AA batteries for operation

For ages 12 and up 

Adult supervision may be required 

Assembly and soldering required

Check out You Tube video

Excellent You Tube video done by Chris Wilkinson on building the TUT 

Support the Future and have fun doing it!

To have a look at what the Cybergnomes Robotic team 2013
is all about and video of TUT please visit

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